Friday, October 9, 2009

Countdown to Europe

Yay, I'm now counting down the days left before we leave for London.
Roll on November 4th.

Not much sewing happening lately, even though I have good intentions.

My Clematis, "Veronica's Choice" is now flowering beautifully and I've been waiting a whole year for this. First of all if it would survive the winter and then if it would flower. What a reward, four beautiful white flowers with a hint of purple that's probably not visible on the photo.

My vegie boxes had new compost added ready for a spring planting. I sowed lettuce, spinach and rocket seeds. The rocket is already germinating. I've planted a russian tomato and a mini bell capsicum. It will be interesting to see what happens while we are away. Andrew will be looking after things.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Latest cards

Here are some of my new cards. Still having fun with distress inks.

I really love these tea themed stamps but am still waiting for inspiration using them.

I've been taking photos of my garden as well as my cards. Spring is here and all my camelias are flowering beautifully.

Once the wisteria has flowered this year I may have to attack it and cut it back severely, it's way out of control. If it doesn't recover, I think I'll plant a new one and pay more attention to training it.


I've change the background of my blog to reflect what's happening in my life.

This year is my 25th Wedding Anniversary and my husband and I are spending it in Paris. whoooohoooo!

We will be away for a month and spending time in London, Paris and Rome - my first time. I've been to UK before but not to London.

Here is the latest photo of my naughtyt but cute one red kelpie. Mark took this photo of her when she was having a big yawn.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow! has it been that long?

No excuses, I'm very slack but ready to try again.

Been having lots of fun lately making cards and playing with Distress Inks. Have made this set of cards as a thank you for one of our clients who sends orange and lime marmalade home with Garry. Very yummy and home made.

This is the gift box I made to put the cards in.

The three Wrens stamp is from Stamp-it and is one of my favourites. I started out with the intention of making plain cards but then got a bit carried away. I enjoy creating the backgrounds using Distress inks as the effects are very cool.

This butterfly card is made using Distress Inks too. This time I distressed the edges of the mat.I haven't done this before but like the effect.

I have done a few computer workshops but haven't put the skills to use yet, hence, I have a backlog of things to stitch out. Poinsettia flowers, Dammit Dolls and now Christmas trees and baubles. My thanks to Pam who always gives us something new and creative to think about.