Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As I have a thing for birds at the moment, I've created this twiggy tree as a Christmas decoration. I collected various bird ornaments but wasn't prepared to pay $30 for a plastic coated wire tree so I found my own dry branches.

There are lots on the trees in front of a local high school. Hubby hopes I don't get reported for loitering in the bushes. We haven't put the Christmas Tree up yet because we've all been busy.

Garry, Laura and Andrew at work and me sorting and loading up the kitchen and helping my mum after her surgery. Would you believe we can't get the Silver Chain because they have no one to send so I have to take mum to her GP's surgery 3 times a week to have her dressings changed. Nice drive to Midland!

Certainly no time for any craft or sewing. I have made some bags for my friend's little girls to put their dancing gear in. Will post a photo later.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another post today because I don't know how to load this photo at the bottom of my last post, it kept going to the top of the kitchen photos.
This is Mr and Mrs Wagtails nest. As you can see it is built around dry branches. I have my concerns as to the durability off these branches because many of them blow down during a strong wind. Hopefully they are thick enough to last until the hatchlings fly the coop.
I would like to get photos of baby Wagtails but will not try if I feel Mrs and Mrs will desert the nest because of my interference.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The kitchen is looking great. Still a lot of work to do however, bad news about the handles I've selected, they won't be available till March. I'm going to wait though because I really like them. My son has fashioned temporary handles with tape, they don't look wonderful but they do the job.

We are having Essa Stone benchtops and glass splashbacks. The building trades have been super busy and most businesses go slow or not at all in January, so it will be February or March before the kitchen is totally finished. Garry (builder hubby) has pulled in favours to get work done quickly but most of the time, unfortunatley, the client's jobs come first.

The electricians are done, the water is connected today (hopefully) but I still need a sink, never mind, the laundry will have to do for a bit longer.

My mum (84) has been in hospital this week and finally came home yesterday, yipppeeee! no more trips to Joondalup. All is proceeding well at this stage just a hiccup getting ever elusive Silver Chain. Not much happening on the sewing front as loading up the new kitchen is a priority, as is learning how to use the new equipment.

Mrs Willy Wagtail is sitting on eggs. Both Mr and Mrs Wagtail get a bit fiesty when we go outside and this will probably escalate once the eggs hatch. I quite enjoy being dive bombed by a waggie but wouldn't say the same if it was Mr Magpie doing the dive bombing.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today my new kitchen is being installed. I have been waiting about 6 months and it's finally all happening. The power has been on and off and as I can't cook, wash, use the computer or sew I've been sorting some of my fabric. (I did make pikelets for the tradies though)

We've had a Willy Wagtail whistling late at night. I was pretty sure it was a Wagtail but hadn't seen him in action to confirm it. Yesterday, I finally spotted him on our TV antenna whistling the same tune he does at 11pm at night. How delightful, I've also discovered they have built a nest in my backyard. It is a beautiful, neat nest they are still constructing in my Chinese Tallow. I have seen them working away, smoothing it out, it's quite a tall narrow nest and the first time I've seen one. I will post a photo when I can take a nice one. We get quite a few birds around the garden. There are noisy crows nesting a few doors down in the big gum tree. We have lots of honeyeaters flitting in and out, morning and evening and it always sounds like they're having a big party. We even saw what looked like a kingfisher a couple of weeks ago.

I have a thing for birds at the moment so having a pair nesting in the garden makes me very happy.

I have digitized and stitched out a sleigh to go with my big white boomers we made in Pam's latest workshop. I'm quite happy with the result and will take it along to our Xmas windup next week. I just need to stitch out some more roos now my electricians have finished for the day.