Thursday, June 23, 2016


This little dog may be a poodle but he is a tough little thing.  We already owned the two Kelpies in the header photo and then inherited this little feisty when my mum passed away 18 months ago.

I found him for her in the dog pound as he had been picked up roaming the streets with no registration tags and no micro-chip and no one making enquiries.  He likes to run away.  Anyway, he just had a haircut so I bought him a winter jumper which is all attitude, just like him.  One of my facebook friends christened him the Piroodle.  I love it.  His name is Jamie but we call him J'amay.

After shopping for his jumper at City Farmers and waiting outside to get in the car, he was ready to take on the postman delivering their mail. Such a naughty boy. 

He also does super cute too!

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