Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As I have a thing for birds at the moment, I've created this twiggy tree as a Christmas decoration. I collected various bird ornaments but wasn't prepared to pay $30 for a plastic coated wire tree so I found my own dry branches.

There are lots on the trees in front of a local high school. Hubby hopes I don't get reported for loitering in the bushes. We haven't put the Christmas Tree up yet because we've all been busy.

Garry, Laura and Andrew at work and me sorting and loading up the kitchen and helping my mum after her surgery. Would you believe we can't get the Silver Chain because they have no one to send so I have to take mum to her GP's surgery 3 times a week to have her dressings changed. Nice drive to Midland!

Certainly no time for any craft or sewing. I have made some bags for my friend's little girls to put their dancing gear in. Will post a photo later.

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