Friday, December 12, 2008

The kitchen is looking great. Still a lot of work to do however, bad news about the handles I've selected, they won't be available till March. I'm going to wait though because I really like them. My son has fashioned temporary handles with tape, they don't look wonderful but they do the job.

We are having Essa Stone benchtops and glass splashbacks. The building trades have been super busy and most businesses go slow or not at all in January, so it will be February or March before the kitchen is totally finished. Garry (builder hubby) has pulled in favours to get work done quickly but most of the time, unfortunatley, the client's jobs come first.

The electricians are done, the water is connected today (hopefully) but I still need a sink, never mind, the laundry will have to do for a bit longer.

My mum (84) has been in hospital this week and finally came home yesterday, yipppeeee! no more trips to Joondalup. All is proceeding well at this stage just a hiccup getting ever elusive Silver Chain. Not much happening on the sewing front as loading up the new kitchen is a priority, as is learning how to use the new equipment.

Mrs Willy Wagtail is sitting on eggs. Both Mr and Mrs Wagtail get a bit fiesty when we go outside and this will probably escalate once the eggs hatch. I quite enjoy being dive bombed by a waggie but wouldn't say the same if it was Mr Magpie doing the dive bombing.

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