Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today my new kitchen is being installed. I have been waiting about 6 months and it's finally all happening. The power has been on and off and as I can't cook, wash, use the computer or sew I've been sorting some of my fabric. (I did make pikelets for the tradies though)

We've had a Willy Wagtail whistling late at night. I was pretty sure it was a Wagtail but hadn't seen him in action to confirm it. Yesterday, I finally spotted him on our TV antenna whistling the same tune he does at 11pm at night. How delightful, I've also discovered they have built a nest in my backyard. It is a beautiful, neat nest they are still constructing in my Chinese Tallow. I have seen them working away, smoothing it out, it's quite a tall narrow nest and the first time I've seen one. I will post a photo when I can take a nice one. We get quite a few birds around the garden. There are noisy crows nesting a few doors down in the big gum tree. We have lots of honeyeaters flitting in and out, morning and evening and it always sounds like they're having a big party. We even saw what looked like a kingfisher a couple of weeks ago.

I have a thing for birds at the moment so having a pair nesting in the garden makes me very happy.

I have digitized and stitched out a sleigh to go with my big white boomers we made in Pam's latest workshop. I'm quite happy with the result and will take it along to our Xmas windup next week. I just need to stitch out some more roos now my electricians have finished for the day.


linda stokes said...

Hi Veronica, nice to see you blogging!

joanlil said...

Welcome, Ronni. Yet another addiction. . blogging, digitising, textiles in general