Monday, May 20, 2013


I found this little gem a month ago, it had my name on it.  She had a big floral skirt over the top of her original fabric.  It was a well constructed cover that was easy to remove.  I was impressed at it's construction and don't know if I would have had the patience to sew on the huge amount of hooks and eyes.  Here she is at the upholstery shop waiting for her new clothes

This chair is probably 1930's, 1940's vintage and known as a radio chair.  All four legs have ceramic castors and the chair bounces up and down similar to a rocking chair when you sit on it.
It's a great little chair that suits a short person like me as most armchairs leave my legs swinging in the air like a little child.
I was going to try re-upholstering it myself but then I looked at the springs and webbing and ticking and thought, nup, off you go to the professionals.
Here she is,  all in her new glory

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