Friday, May 13, 2016


The up to date Project Life products I've purchase have been gifted to my daughter-in-law for her birthday and so I had to use the only products I had on hand so I hope it's still ok to submit to the challenge.   I love the idea of Project Life and I think I'll be more into it once I have grandchildren.

I decided to repurpose a card I had already started making. I find dry embossing starts to break down the cardstock fibres and so a card with a top fold like this one isn't always as stable as I like my cards to be.  Cutting it down and mounting it on a Bermuda Bay card base helps give a bit more stability.    Did you know that paper has a grain?    Ever tried tearing an article out of  a newspaper or magazine and it tears lovely one way but all wonky the other way?   It is easier to tear along the grain and you get a nice even finish.  Tearing against the grain always makes the tear go astray or you end up with a jagged edge.   I once did a bookbinding class and was taught all about the grain and how to find out which way it runs.  Our A4 cardstock usually has the grain running vertically.  If in doubt, flex your cardstock or paper in half vertically and horizontally, the way it flexes with the least resistance is the direction that the grain runs. 

Anyway, hope that little bit of trivia didn't bore you too much.  Here is my card made with Every Day Adventure retired Project Life pack.

I used wrinkle free distress which is one of my favourite techniques and am quite please with the way my card turned out as I don't normally use geometric designs.


Paula Dobson said...

Well, I didn't know that about cardstock although it makes sense now that you have explained it, lol. Your card is great! I think the geometric shapes look fab against that background. Thanks for helping us showcase Project Life at Global Design Project this week.

Tanja Kolar said...

Love the way you combine (?.. sorry, if my english is not so good) all elements. Thank´s for playing with us this week.
Hugs Tanja

Brian King said...

Great tips! I love the colors and shapes you used on your card. Very graphic and very cool. Thanks so much for playing along with this week's Global Design Project theme challenge - glad you did.