Saturday, May 7, 2016

How Time Flys


Oh dear, I stopped posting progress photos a long time ago.  The studio is well and truly finished (it has been for a while now)  hubby is sitting in the corner admiring his handy work under the watchful eye of Ned.

The large white unit is my super Gumtree purchase and at 4 metres in length was a bargain at just $200.


I also have the old kitchenette that mum used in the 60's.  Poor old thing was falling apart but Garry soon worked his magic.  A coat of my favourite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and its as good as new.


A good deal of storage already but I knew with all the stuff I have I still needed more.  It was back to Gumtree and I had just the colour in mind for this pine dresser,  Antibes Green, it's my Jolly Green Giant.


My room is pretty messy at the moment so I'll put up some more photos when I've had a tidy up.

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